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About US

water the well

is a collective board of ministers and authors

Founded to enrich ministers

Water The Well’s Mission is to serve ministers, authors, entrepreneurs, and disciples of God’s Word in order to provide Biblical Resources to those who are hurting and in need of Jesus. 

  1. We work with authors who have at least one publication,
    to enrich their reach.
  2. We have a Team of Writers who help us produce Water The Well’s
    free resources as well as books in our bookstore.
  3. Check out our Bookstore!
  4. Our in-house full service Ad Agency provides social media advertisements, lead generation for entrepreneurs.
  5. We operate as a first responder, in conjunction with the Church and with our referral network of therapists: to support people in a mental health crisis through our healing the heart ministries and community coaching.

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Pink and Peach Freeform Art Instagram Post (1)


Amaira Jaanvi


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Book Author
Food Critic

Amaira  x

our team

The Crew


Kym J

author advantage manager

Kym is an author, mother, and minister of God’s presence. She loves raising her three children, building her own entrepreneur oil shop, & managing our Authors in the Program.


Amy C

Sales manager

Amy is a published bestseller, Life and Health Coach, business entrepreneur, and single mom of two. She loves staying active outdoors and writing quick recipe and workout plans for busy moms.


Rita H

Prophet, prayer covering

Rita leads our Staff prayer team to cover all details of running Water The Well, spiritually. She is part of our Biblical sounding board, accountability, & covering.


Where it all began


Not so long ago...

After our one of our Founders had published her first book, God expanded the territory and began giving vision for reaching authors, just like her, who had need of making a supernatural impact and change for those who are hurting in their faith journey.

God raised up an army..

Our army of women began to form as God shifted the focus off one author and birthed a collective of ordained ministers, Christian author, and entrepreneurs.

Founder Collective



Biblical Resources